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PDT's Songs Sheets
Band/Artist Song Album/Year Genre Drummer Price
Camel Freefall [Mirage, 1974] Prog Rock (Hard Rock) Andy Ward 6 USD
Camel Lunar Sea  [Moonmadness, 1976] Prog Rock (Symph) Andy Ward 6 USD
Camel Skylines  [Rain Dances, 1977] Prog Rock (Jazz Fus) Andy Ward 0 USD
Camel The Sleeper  [Breathless, 1978] Prog Rock (Jazz Fus) Andy Ward 6 USD
The Dave Brubeck Q. Take Five (Drum Solo) [Time Out, 1959] Jazz (Cool) Joe Morello 5 USD
Genesis Back In N.Y.C.  [The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway, 1974] Prog Rock (Symph) Phil Collins 5 USD
Genesis Dance On A Volcano  [A Trick Of The Tail, 1976] Prog Rock (Symph) Phil Collins 5 USD
Gong Expresso  [Gazeuse!, 1976] Prog Rock (Jazz Fus) Pierre Moerlen 5 USD
Los Jaivas Antigua America  [Alturas De Macchu Picchu, 1981]  Prog Rock (Folk) Gabriel Parra 0 USD
Jethro Tull Cold Wind To Valhalla [Ministrel In The Gallery, 1975] Prog Rock (Folk) Barriemore Barlow 4 USD
King Crimson Sailor's Tale  [Islands, 1971] Prog Rock (Jazz) Ian Wallace 4 USD
King Crimson Discipline  [Discipline, 1981] Prog Rock (New Wave) Bill Bruford 0 USD
Led Zeppelin Fool In the Rain  [In Through The Out Door, 1979] Rock (Classic) John Bonham 0 USD
Oscar J 7/8 Funk  [ , 2016] Prog Funk Oscar Montañez 0 USD
Plini Inhale  [Handmade Cities, 2016] Prog Metal Troy Wright 6 USD
Plini Every Piece Matters  [Handmade Cities, 2016] Prog Rock (New) Troy Wright 0 USD
Steely Dan Aja [Aja, 1977] Jazz (Smooth) Steve Gadd 6 USD
Sting Seven Days  [Ten Summoner's Tales, 1993] Pop Rock (Jazz) Vinnie Colaiuta 0 USD
Tool Schism  [Lateralus, 2001] Prog Metal Danny Carey 0 USD
Tool Triad  [Lateralus, 2001] Prog Metal Danny Carey 5 USD
Tigran Hamasyan The Court Jester  [Shadow Theater, 2013] Jazz (Avant) Nate Wood 6 USD

PDT's Album Sheet Books
Band/Artist Album/Year Genre Drummer Full Price
Set Option      
Yes [The Yes Album, 1971] Prog Rock (Symph) Bill Bruford 21 USD
Yes [Fragile, 1971] Prog Rock (Symph) Bill Bruford 21 USD
Yes [Close To The Edge, 1972] Prog Rock (Symph) Bill Bruford 16 USD

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Q: How do I buy a Sheet?
A: Click the "Add to Cart" button (Select Option If Is An Album), do the payment via paypal, once I got the payment confirmation, I'll send you the Sheet to your mail.

Q: What I got for buying a Sheet?
A: PDF, MP3, MIDI, MuseScore2 File & New How To Read Notation Faq.

Q: Which things do / don't these Sheets have?
A: MuseScore 2 HQ Trasncriptions Sheets, Accurate & Clear Notation, Special Notation, Dynamics, Rehersal Letters, Multirests, Ornaments, Hand Hits (where needed), Accents / Ghosts, Song Sections / Lyrics Guide, Tempo Mostly Approximate. Download My MuseScore 2 Prog Template.

I Don't use Notes Above Quarters (Half, Whole etc...); But do their Rests. Neither Repeat Bars / Endings nor D.C., Coda, Segno Symbols (...). Also Ties & Legatos aren't on my Sheets. Use of more than one Parts(Voices) only where needed, e.g. Polyrhythms & Ostinatos.

Q: Do You Do Sheet's Preview?
A: Yes, and Free Sheets are Full There, Check My Youtube Channel & Subscribe.

Q: General Information & Contact?
A: See Here

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  1. Buenos dias ! As transcrições são ótimas , e agora procuro as trasncrições do Yes lead sheet , Close to The Edge - The Fish -Starship Trooper - Siberian Kahtru - South Side of The Sky - Yours is no Disgrace - I´ve seen All Good People - And You And I - Gracias pela atenção meu email - laurolellis@gmail.com FACEBOOK.COM/Lauro Lellis. Tenho conta no Pay Pal. Um bom dia Oscar e parabens pelo otimo site abs !! yotube/laurolellis !

  2. Hola! he realizado la compra de Plini - Every Piece Matters. Estoy esperando la transcripción. Si la compra resulta exitosa, deseo hacer encargos de próximas canciones.

  3. I have purchased Yes' Close to the Edge, The Yes Album, and Fragile. The transcripts are excellent!! They come with sound files so I can play along too. This is very, very good work. Well done, and thank you.